The following is a list of known books and publications, either specifically about Borneo POWs, or where there is content in the book relating to Borneo POWs. Please do advise the webmaster of any additional printed articles that may be available. Many of the listed books can be obtained at libraries throughout Australia. The webmaster has all of these books and is always willing to do lookups or recommend books to read, on receipt of an email request. The books are listed in author surname order. The ISBN Number is also listed below, if known.

Australians at War - Prisoners of War Hugh Clarke & Others 1988 0949118257

To Sandakan - The Diaries of Charlie Johnstone Christopher Dawson 1995 1863738185

Laden, Fevered, Starved - The POWs of Sandakan North Borneo, 1945 DVA 1999 0642399220

Sabah Under the Rising Sun Government Stephen R Evans 1990

The Colour Patch Murray Ewen 2003 0859053121

From Hell to Eternity Peter Firkins 1979 0959531807

Borneo Surgeon - A Reluctant Hero Peter Firkins 1995 0859052117

Three Came Home Agnes Newton Keith 1948 0854563393

Project Kingfisher Athol Moffitt 1989 0207163758

Prisoners of War - Australians Under Nippon Hank Nelson 1990 0733300707

Sabah History in Pictures Johan M Padasian 1981

Nippon Very Sorry - Many Men Must Die  Qld Ex-POW Reparation Committee 0 86439 1129

One Man War - The Jock McLaren Story Hal Richardson 1957

Borneo - Australia’s Proud but Tragic Heritage Kevin Smith 1999 0646372254

Escapes and Incursions - Sabah 1942-45 2006 Kevin Smith 0646457055

World War Two - The Sabah Story The Sabah State Archives 2005 9832495016

Sandakan - A Conspiracy of Silence Lynette Ramsay Silver 1998 1-86351-223-3
                                                                            2000 Edition 1-86351-245-4

Blood on Borneo Jack Wong Sue 2001 0646416561

Hidden Horrors - Japanese War Crimes in WW2 Yuki Tanaka 0-8133-2717-2

Sandakan - The Last March Don Wall 1988 0731653041

Abandoned - Australians at Sandakan 1945 Don Wall 1990 0731691695

Kill the Prisoners Don Wall c1997 0646278347

Escape From Hell Walter Wallace 1958

Return to a Dark Age Bill Young 1991 0646088645

Long Ago in Borneo Bill Young 1991

Once Upon a Time in Kuching Bill Young 2004

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